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Annuities are offered by Insurance companies and sold through licensed agents. The insurance company must be evaluated and licensed in your state as does the agent. State insurance commissions scrutinize Insurance companies to ensure they have reserve funds, commonly referred to as State Legal Reserve Pools, in place to protect investors before granting insurance companies licenses. If an insurance company goes out of business other insurance companies licensed in state must assume bankrupt insurers obligations and liabilities. Note that this protection protects fixed-rate annuity holders only, with some protection afforded to variable annuity owners.

Each insurance company recieves a financial strength rating from a financial or insurance rating institution. The most notable insurance rating institution is A.M Best whos rating definitions are listed below.

A.M. Best Rating Definitions

A++, A+SuperiorAble to meet insurance obligations.
A, A-ExcellentAble to meet insurance obligations.
B++, B+GoodAble to meet insurance obligations.
B, B-FairVulnerable to unfavourable economic conditions.
C++, C+MarginalVulnerable to unfavourable economic conditions
C, C-WeakVery vulnerable to unfavourable economic conditions.
DPoorExtremely vulnerable to unfavourable economic conditions.
EUnder SupervisionCompany is under regulation, preventing normal business operations.
FIn LiquidationCompany is ongoing voluntary liquidation.
SSuspendedUnevaluated due to inadequate information or lack of cooperation.

There are many insurance companies that provide annuity products. While insurance companies and the annuities they provide are backed by the State Guarantee Fund it is still important to consider the financial strenght of a company bofore investing in an annuity. The insurance companies listed below are notable due to their strong financial strenth.

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