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    Financial Goals

    As any financial expert will tell you, a balanced and diversified investment portfolio is essential to maximizing your risk-adjusted returns. The portfolio should offer appreciation potential with risk protection to insure peace of mind. Annuities can offer both, allowing investors to participate in market appreciation while insulating them from losses. Before determining if an annuity is the appropriate investment vehicle, investors need to account for their investment time horizon, financial goals, and risk tolerance. These factors will determine which type of annuity, structure, and payout option is most appropriate.

    Do you know your risk tolerance?

    Risk tolerance is a most subjective criteria and which is defined into three broad categories:

    • Conservative
    • Moderate
    • Aggressive

    The conservative client demonstrates a very small risk tolerance and will place major importance on preservation of principal. They typically will be apt to accept smaller potential gains for a greater level of safety. For these buyers, fixed annuities may compose the bulk of their investments.

    The moderate client seeks a degree of safety but is also looking for a portion of the potential rewards that are tied to the equity markets. For this client, the assets allocated for retirement income would be situated in annuities and other available income would be found in more aggressive investments. Equity indexed annuities might be the way to go for the retirement income objective with this individual, depending on the duration of time to retirement.

    The aggressive client is that individual who is willing to chance safety for larger growth potential and is more apt to invest in equity funds. Equity indexed annuities might offer safety for retirement funds and still permit participation in the market. It depends on how an investor wants to structure the annuity.

    Things to think about when it comes to annuities….

    When you are putting together or reviewing your investment portfolio, keep these things in mind on how annuities can be an appropriate fit:

    • Annuities can offer protection of principal, tax deferral, and stability that are all important for diversified investment portfolios.
    • Annuity guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the insurance company. The insurance companies are also backed by a state insurance fund.
    • As one nears retirement, added safety and decreased risk should be the rule. It is also important to review liquidity needs and liquidity in your portfolio. Just as insur ance needs will vary over time, so will those of retirement planning and asset allocation.
    • As more individuals find the need for additional financial self-reliance at a period in a time where pensions are disappearing and added angst grows regarding Social Security, annuities should be given a strong look by investors. This is even more important given that people are living longer lives these days.
    • Many retirees who own either immediate annuities or variable annuities with guarantees in them saw much desired protection at the time of the stock market crisis that began in 2008.

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