Latest CD-Annuity Rates (MYGA) Featured Annuity Products are shown below. These Annuities feature some of the highest yeilds currently published and all providers are rated B or higher by A.M. Best.

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Sentinel Security Life Insurance Co.
Company Rating:
A.M. Best – “B++”

Product Summary: The Personal Choice Annuity is a Single Premium Deferred Annuity which provides flexibility by allowing the selection of optional riders. These rider eliminate possible surrender charges or Market Value Adjustments (MVA) in certain situations. The owner selects only the riders that fit his/her needs without paying for features that he/she doesn’t require.

Equitrust Life Insurance Co.
Company Rating:
A.M. Best – “B+”

Product Summary: The EquiTrust Life Insurance Company’s Certainty Select offers a robust set of features, including a market-value adjustment, to optimize growth potential. This annuity is an ideal choice for a long-term saver who can appreciate the benefits of tax-deferred growth, protection and limited access to funds. Few taxable investments provide this blend of safety, growth and flexibility.

Morth American Company
Company Rating:
A.M. Best – “A+”

Product Summary: The North American Company’s Guarantee Choice is a Single Premium, Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity with interest rate guarantee a surrender charge period and Market Value Adjustment provision. At the end of the selected Guarantee Period, you may choose to renew your annuity for another guaranteed interest period. The interest rate at the time of renewal will be set by the company based on market conditions.

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