Benefits of an Annuity

The benefits of annuities can depend largely on the type of annuity contract being discussed and some annuity contracts have different benefits than others. You can infer many of the benefits of annuities just by considering the reasons why people purchase annuities… Secure retirement income, asset protection, etc. relate directly to the benefits of annuities.

All annuities have three primary advantages: Tax Deferral, Avoidance of Probate, and a Guaranteed Income (optional) for a fixed period of time, or income for life. In addition, many annuities share common benefits such as:

  • Tax-free transfers among annuity investment types
  • Competitive interest rates compared to other investments that have similar risk
  • Stock-market linked gains without the downside risk
  • Unlike other tax-deferred investment accounts annuities, do not have an annual contribution limit
  • Annuities can be idea for estate planning since proceeds from annuities can pass directly to your beneficiaries without the delay, expense, and publicity of probate in most states.
  • Flexibility… There are several different types of annuities that can meet the unique and diverse financial goals of many investors. Many annuities have flexible withdrawal options during the disribution period.

Want to know how these annuites benefits and others can meet your financial goals? Speak with an annuity expert today!

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